Join the Royal Lion Affiliate Agent Program Now and Get Extra Money Every Month!

Join Royal Lion Affiliate Agent Program Now


What is an Affiliate Program?

The Royal Lion Affiliate Program is an opportunity for individuals to partner with Royal Lion 7 and earn commissions by promoting our online gaming platform. As an affiliate, you will receive a unique tracking link to share with your audience, directing them to Royal Lion Casino. Every time a player signs up and engages in wagering through your referral, you earn a commission based on their activity.

The program offers a tiered commission structure, providing higher rates for more successful affiliates. With a range of marketing tools, dedicated support, and a reputable brand, the Royal Lion Affiliate Program offers a rewarding partnership for those looking to monetize their traffic and earn the exciting world of online gaming.

Refer and Earn

The basic foundation of an affiliate program is to refer and earn money. With our system, you can refer and earn money with ease! All you need is to apply to become a Royal Lion affiliate agent and start sharing your referral link. Once you have players joining with your referral link, you can start earning some money. It will be all accessible on our Royal Lion 7 website.

One of the benefits of the refer and earn program by Royal Lion is that you can get paid once every 2 weeks! So you can get paid twice a month, which is really amazing!

How To Become a Royal Lion Affiliate Agent

How To Become a Royal Lion Affiliate Agent? Become Part of Us by Applying for Royal Lion Affiliate Agent. To Start Joining, you can click or tap the WhatsApp Button on the bottom right corner of your screen, or just click the button below.


After you chat our WhatsApp, you will be asked a few questions, and we will create your agent ID. You can start sharing your link and earn your first online income within 2 weeks!

Or If you would like to apply by yourself, you can visit to apply for Agent I’D by yourself.

Why the Royal Lion Affiliate Program?

Why Choose Royal Lion over the other website affiliate programs? At Royal Lion, we dedicate our 24/7 VIP support (Telegram or WhatsApp) to all of our agents; no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.

As a Royal Lion agent or affiliate, you can start now and get up to 40% commission from your player’s total loss. There is no need to deduct platform fees, deposits, and withdrawal fees as other platforms do. Royal Lion has been in the industry for so long that we have all the experience and skills to bring you the best affiliate program experience.

At Royal Lion, we also provide some extra budget for improving your own “agent business”. You can take some allowance or budget from us to buy your current players drinks or invite your potential players to a party! You can also have the opportunity to make your own sales team—a fully functional sales team working for you to help you search for players!

Earn money Online Now!

Ever wonder how to earn money online in India? You’ve come to the right place. With the Royal Lion Affiliate Program, we offer a way for you to earn money online without any investment. You can either choose to earn money online by playing games, or find your own players and let them play so that you’ll have no need to spend a single rupee to get money online.

At Royal Lion, we offer multiple ways for you to earn money online:

  • Earn money via APK or APP: We have the Royal Lion App that you can visit, and after becoming an agent, you can earn money and withdraw it twice a month!
  • Earn Money with WhatsApp Group: As an agent, you can create your own WhatsApp group filled with your players, this way you can earn money online by just using WhatsApp group link and sharing it on your social media!
  • Earn Money with the Telegram Group: You can also opt for the Telegram group because there are many people who are looking to earn money with the Telegram group link. You can be the master agent and more people will share your Telegram group links; therefore, you can earn money just by sharing links!
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Royal Lion Agent Benefits


  • 24/7 Agent and Customer support
  • Get Paid Twice a month. (Period I: 1–14th of the month | Period II: 15–31st of the month)
  • High commission with bonuses of up to ₹20,000 when joining*.
  • Support customized Events for your players.
  • Lifetime Commission.



  • Bronze agents earn up to 15% in commission.
  • Silver agents earn up to 15% commission with bonuses.
  • Gold agents earn up to 20% commission with bonuses.
  • Platinum agents earn up to 25% commission with bonuses.
  • Diamond agents earn up to 35% commission with bonuses.
  • Master agents with special commission rates and bonuses (can be discussed).


Agent Level Chart


  • Welcome/Promotion bonus will be given together during the first time commission payment date in the player ID
  • Package A:
    Royal Lion shirt to the players, Royal Lion key chain
  • Package B:
    Royal Lion shirt to the players, Royal Lion Cap, Royal Lion fountain pen, Exclusive sticker 100 and flyer*200, Royal Lion Agent Party (up to 15k budget)
  • Package C:
    Royal Lion formal shirt*1 (Polo shirt), Royal Lion shirt to the players, Royal Lion Cap, Royal Lion Exclusive Agent Party (up to 30k budget)
  • RL Trip or Royal Lion Trip has a budget of up to 1 Lac, and agents can choose which country they want to visit.
  • Definition of “daily deposit”: means average amount per day, if 10 days total deposit is 10k, means daily is 1k
  • All the bonuses will be put inside the agent account wallet on the Royal Lion 7 website. Wagering requirement of 1x rollover before withdrawals are required.


Is this a legitimate way to earn money online?

Yes! Affiliate Agent is a 100% safe and legal way to earn money for any person of any age, and occupation.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or problems?

All of our agents get special 24-hour services from our agent VIP support, if you come across any problem, you can directly contact them via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Is Royal Lion Safe?

Absolutely! We have been running this business with accumulated experience for more than 5 years in multiple countries like India, Phillippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.
We always ensure that all players get the safest and most enjoyable experience!

What Commission can an Affiliate Agent get?

Royal Lion Affiliate Agent can get up to 40% commission from their players’ losses every 2 weeks.
No Platform Fees or deposit/Withdrawal Fees for Royal Lion Agents, unlike other competing platforms that offer up to 50%, but will deduct your platform fees, and deposit/withdrawal fees.

Is there any fee to join the Royal Lion Affiliate Agent Program?

Royal Lion Affiliate Agent Program is completely free to join. No fees are required.

How will I Get Paid?

Royal Lion Platform will automatically pay all Affiliate agents’ commissions through the Royal Lion Official website’s system. Agents can withdraw to their own UPI/Paytm, Bank Cards, or any other transaction gateway that they’ve registered on our website.

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